Our Approach

Matching Executive Marketing Candidates with Employers for Mutual Success.

Matching the right marketing executive recruits to the companies where they will be most successful is as much an art as a science.  It requires an understanding of the objective and subjective qualities of both the job seeker and the employer.   Skill sets, culture, leadership style, personality type – all play a role in the analysis.

At altagii Marcom Career Network, our process has helped us to consistently meet this challenge.  It involves five steps, and has allowed us to successfully place marketing executives in high performance employer environments, even in niche markets, or when the circumstances are difficult to fulfill:

  • Ask – the more deeply we can explore both the employer’s work environment and the executive recruit’s aptitudes and attitudes, the more likely we will be able to determine the optimal “fit” of the two.
  • Listen – it’s easy to document responses, but it’s something else to read between the lines to get true meaning. Often it’s the “shades of gray” inside the story that results in the best employment solutions.
  • Distill – our team creates a 360o view of the executive recruit’s needs, personality type and motivations and where these most deeply intersect with prospective employers’ goals, culture and required skill sets.
  • Act – Once we have candidates with a high probability for success with our client/employer, we prepare both sides with background, insights and expectations. It’s critical to set the stage properly so that the interview process gets off to the most effective possible start.
  • Deliver – More than filling a position, altagii is invested in our clients/employers’ and recruits’ long-term success. We stay in touch on a regular basis to monitor achievement and deepen our understanding of our clients’ continuing business needs.